Mwangaza Hideaway

Lying on the edge of what was the most influential town on the East African coastline; Mwangaza Hideaway offers one the perfect gateway into the ancient region of Kilwa.

The lodge takes its name from the Swahili word for reflection and overlooks the vast inland waterways that lie to the west of Kilwa Masoko. An open plan design gives the dining room-lounge-bar area a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, with the pool only a few steps away. Due to the west facing orientation, sunsets are a special occasion at Mwangaza, and what better way to end the day than an endless view and a cold drink on the deck.

Mwangaza at full moon

Although fishing has been the main attraction over the years the lodge has an array of activities on offer. Spend time exploring the ancient ruins of the region, snorkel in the azure waters off Rukira point or enjoy the twists and turns of the mangrove lined waterways in search of a pod of hippo. For those looking for a peaceful escape, settle down by the pool with a good book and while away the time coastal style.

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Sunset and an endless view